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"Since 2002, I've used Valley Forge Gifts for electroplating 17 baby shoes and boots. The quality and delivery of these items has been consistently outstanding."

-Norman R. Augustine
Retired Chairman and CEO, Lockheed Martin Corporation; five time recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal, and recipient of meritorious service awards from Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army, Air Force, NASA, Treasury Department, and the CIA.
VFG House A Keepsake to Treasure in the Finish You Choose

It's over too quickly. The time that begins when you count your newborn's tiny toes. A flurry of fast-paced months later, your baby takes the first teetering steps into childhood. And a time you want to always remember could be gone forever.

You can capture that memory in a way that time cannot dim. America's most experienced baby shoe bronzer can create a keepsake as individual as your baby. Preserve the shoes that reflect your baby's personality, from classic walking shoes to tiny sneakers.

Generations of parents have made quality-crafted baby shoe bronzing an enduring tradition that's now more popular than ever. It's a tradition created by understanding that what is precious today will be truly priceless tomorrow.

You can preserve almost anything from a hard-won game ball to a unique gag gift. Let your imagination create the perfect retirement gift, an award for your business associates, or a keepsake that keeps you smiling. Almost everything can be plated in antique bronze, bright bronze, or pewter. You can make keepsakes with balls, gloves, skates, bottles, or pacifiers.

Valley Forge Gifts has bronzed everything from fresh-baked donuts to rubber chickens. We have created trophies for celebrity sports superstars, for hunters and sportsmen, and for the families of everyday heroes. We are a family business and we love what we do. Each project touches our hearts.

Order quickly and easily in Valley Forge Gifts. Delivery time is usually 10-12 weeks; pewter orders require up to 13 weeks to process. Specialty items such as pacifiers, balls, bats, et cetera, require about 13 weeks.

Worth the wait? You bet!

What is Bronzing?
Bronzing is electroplating, involving real metal. Our customers have their children's shoes and other keepsakes beautifully plated in three traditional finishes: antique bronze, pewter, and bright bronze. A good summary of the electroplating process can be found by clicking:

As for the longevity of bronze, archaeological discoveries near Ban Chiang, Thailand, indicate that bronze technology was known there as early as 4500 B.C. Bronze objects have been found in Asia Minor that date back to 3000 B.C.

Can I bronze my own baby shoes?
Probably not. Electroplating is a very expensive process using dangerous, toxic, regulated chemicals, and is an art form best learned under an apprenticeship. You can preserve the shoes at home using a far cheaper and safer method, described at:

Do all companies advertising "bronzing" services offer electroplating?
No. Most do not. "Metalcraft," "Electro-Less," "Cool-Dip Method" - these are some of the titles companies have assigned to similar processes that, as a class, might best be labeled "Painting."

Usually, a hardening resin is poured into the shoe, then the shoe is either dipped into or sprayed with a base of metallic-looking paint in a wide variety of finishes. Black or brown paint is then rubbed onto some areas, mimicking an "antique" finish and finally the whole is sealed with a brilliant varnish clear coat and attached to a base. The results of this method in no way resemble actual electroplating, looking instead like painted shoes. Chipping of the painted or dipped finish, also cracking of the hardening resin are reported short-term problems: however, no data is available regarding the long-term effects of time on these acrylic finishes.

One advantage to this method is far lower operating costs (see above link regarding do-it-yourself bronzing.) At least two companies offer kits for a few hundred dollars, enabling the entrepreneur to establish a home-based "bronzing" business. There are dozens of such businesses on the Web and in Yellow Pages throughout the country. An ongoing discussion of the facts and myths regarding this process is located at:

Why trust the bronzing services offered at Valley Forge Gifts?
The Bron Shoe bronzing team remains busy, perfecting the craft for over 70 years, having bronzed over 14 million baby shoes within a secure 44,000 square foot facility. Inside, visitors find shelf after shelf of sparkling baby shoes and other important many that the mind has difficulty taking in all of the metal plated scenery. Over 100 fine craftspeople, proud of their family-oriented beliefs and healthy, productive environment. All work is backed by a 25-year warranty.

Why are prices at Valley Forge Gifts higher than some others?
This is the best quality available. Bases are made of all metal, walnut or walnut-finished, and marble, mounted with screws. We apply multiple layers of real-metal plating to your keepsake. All work is hand-crafted through 22 steps and no automation is involved. All workmanship is covered by a full 25-Year Warranty. Shipments are securely packaged and sent Federal Express, fully insured against loss or damage. We understand that our customers' keepsakes are irreplaceable.

Charging less for genuine electroplating in a similar style necessarily equals one or more factors: Less metal plating; lower quality bases and-or workmanship; offering a money-back guarantee in lieu of an extended, time-proven warranty.

Last year, Valley Forge Gifts enjoyed over 300 repeat bronzing customers. We continue to provide top-quality work and stand behind it for a lifetime. Our reputation is built on value, dependability, and truly beautiful outcomes.